Pensions & divorce

When a couple divorces, pensions are an issue that will need to be addressed. It is therefore imperative that you instruct a solicitor with experience in working with pensions in divorce.

Since 2000, pensions have played an important part in divorce. A court can now order that a pension fund, belonging to one spouse, is to be shared with the non-pension member spouse. This can include sharing the pension so each spouse has equality of income in retirement or equality of pension provision. As identified by the number of negligence cases seen by the SRA about pensions in divorce, very serious consequences can arise if this is not dealt with properly.

Our divorce solicitors are very experienced in advising on pension issues such as:

We regularly represent police officers, teachers and members of the NHS, whose pensions can be complex and extremely valuable assets. If you work in the public sector, specialist knowledge about your pension schemes is essential in divorce.

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