SouthTech 2019 is a groundbreaking report, co-commissioned by Warners Solicitors, that will highlight the attributes and mindsets of market leading tech firms in the South of England.

The south of England is home to worldclass technology companies, and their success is vital if the country is to continue to develop and sustain a knowledge-based economy.

But what are the specific operational and strategic issues which have an impact on their ability to grow and achieve their potential? How is it possible to build long-term value in a such a constantly dynamic market?

We have commissioned a major report, SouthTech, looking at companies with market leadership credentials as well as those with the ability to achieve that position and provide a barometer.

Leading up to publication, the latest thought-provoking interview with a director of one of the companies to be included in the report will be available here for you to download.

Insight one – Interview with Xperisoft


Insight two – Interview with Agency Software Worldwide

Insight three- Interview with Geeks

Insight four- Interview with VooServers

Insight five- Interview with Synetec

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