Adverse possession

By Wed 26 Apr, 2017

If you are not the legal owner of land but have been in possession of it for a required period of time, you could acquire the land by way of adverse possession. Alternatively, you may have been put on notice that someone is attempting to acquire your land by way of an adverse possession claim. We can assist in either of these circumstances, whether or not the land is unregistered or registered.

There have been dramatic changes in the law relating to adverse possession since the implementation of the Land Registration Act 2002. What should have been and was intended to be a simplification of the law has in fact resulted in numerous complications as a result of transitional provisions within the Act and also case law which relates to human rights issues.

Much care and understanding is required in order to assess whether the old law or new law of a hybrid applies before an application to the Land Registry can be made. Further, any application should be set out in a required format for it to have the best chance of success.

Our specialist team of lawyers would be very happy to talk to you if you think you may have a claim or you wish to object to such a claim.

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