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Property Disputes

Property disputes can be stressful and complicated if not handled correctly. Our property dispute solicitors can help home-owners resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Our property litigation lawyers can help with:

Adverse possession

If you are not the legal owner of land but have been in possession of it for a required period of time, you could acquire the land by way of adverse possession. Alternatively, you may have been put on notice that someone is attempting to acquire your land by way of an adverse possession claim. We can assist in either of these circumstances, whether or not the land is unregistered or registered.

Building disputes

Building disputes can arise as a result of the quality of work in relation to house extensions, conservatories, refurbishments and new builds. These might also be intertwined with a claim in professional negligence.

Co-ownership disputes

This has become an increasingly prominent issue, particularly with the increase in the number of unmarried co-habiting couples. It is important to seek advice concerning co-ownership when acquiring a property. However, if you are already in a situation where a dispute has arisen concerning ownership of property, we can help you resolve it.

Conveyancing remedies

What happens if on the day you expect to move into your new property or from your existing property, the buying or selling party defaults? There are various remedies and penalties available in these circumstances and we have specialist knowledge in this complex area of law

Disputes with neighbours

Neighbour disputes can be one of the most common forms of residential property dispute and one of the most stressful for the individuals involved. Since neighbours generally have to continue living alongside one another, and such disputes have to be disclosed on a subsequent sale, they need to be handled sensitively. These types of disputes can include boundary disputes, party wall act disputes and nuisance claims.

Easements & covenants

Rights of way, rights to park, rights of light and a whole host of other rights together with covenants not to do something, such as erect a property or extend a property, are increasingly common issues, particularly in the densely populated South East of England.

Japanese Knotweed

We provide legal advice on the liabilities associated with Japanese Knotweed, an invasive weed that can cause significant liabilities for developers and landowners, in particular where it crosses property boundaries.

We can guide you through the complex aspects of property law and help you to find a positive solution.

When necessary we engage similarly specialist barristers and other professionals. We can also draw on the specialist knowledge of our solicitors in the commercial property and residential property teams.

Court of appeal cases:

  • Larkstore -v- Technotrade
  • Rodway -v- Landy
  • Montrose Court Holdings Ltd -v- Shamash

Meet the team

Robert Twining
Michael Mcnally

Doesn't posture or waste time arguing meaningless point

Robert Twining "doesn't posture or waste time arguing meaningless points. He gets down to the heart of things quickly and sensibly." He heads the property litigation team at Warners Solicitors, regularly handling landlords and tenant disputes.

Chambers & Partners

Excellent and very knowledgeable

Robert Twining is a respected practitioner handling the full range of property litigation. He frequently advises blue-chip clients and has further niche expertise in the control of Japanese Knotweed. Sources describe hum as "excellent and very knowledgeable"

Chambers & Partners

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