A remarkable level of hand-holding

I recently lost my darling wife of 50 years and was feeling devastated.
In what, in our case, was the complicated issue of probate, selling a house and dealing with multiple distributions, Warners acted with kindness and assuredness, giving me confidence and peace of mind the whole way. I am grateful to their various departments, who melded seamlessly together to achieve my aims, for acting is such a professional but gentle way.

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May I add my thanks... for your expertise in guiding us through the maelstrom of tax and other matters relating to the estate settlement. You and the team have been excellent, especially as we are rather far-flung.


Probate Administration

Tracy Sales was thoroughly professional, friendly, helpful and efficient.
The tortuous process of obtaining Probate for my mother was made more straightforward and clearer by using a Professional to guide me through. We even obtained Probate 6 weeks ahead of schedule which enabled house to be sold earlier than expected.

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In this episode, Fiona Taylor explains what probate is and the different approaches taken depending on whether the deceased has left a Will or if they have died intestate. She describes the various stages that are involved, from applying for probate to the distribution of the assets.

In this episode, Fiona Taylor talks about some of the common problems that she sees time and time again when she is administering estates. And ones that can cause quite a lot of headaches, but they are actually relatively easy to fix.

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