Property issues for elderly clients

Raising income from your home

Elderly persons with considerable value locked up in their own homes may seek to realise that value in order to boost their income or to reinvest the capital. There are a number of plans on the market for this purpose. However, some of these schemes may be quite unsuitable and independent advice must be taken.

Leaving your home

On the other hand you may need to move out of your existing home into sheltered accommodation or residential care. In those circumstances we can advise on types of accommodation and the minimising of fees. You may wish to give your house to your children or other relatives or alternatively you may need to move in with your children. We can provide guidance on the tax and property consequences in order to protect your interests.

"They are very client-friendly; I wouldn't hesitate to put an elderly vulnerable client in front of them."

Chambers HNW 2017 – Quote from a care professional