What is a ‘Pre-Nup’, do I need one and how much will it cost?

Pre-Nup is the slang term used for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement which is a document setting out how a marrying couple would wish to share their individual and jointly owned assets, should they subsequently separate. Most people who enter into these agreements do so simply to try and avoid the inevitable distress, upset and expense which arises should they subsequently separate when, what are often regarded as very thorny, issues of sharing pensions, savings and income will undoubtedly need to be determined.

Taking a very broad approach, if you answer yes to any of the following questions, it would certainly be sensible to obtain specific legal advice about your circumstances:

  • Are you the wealthier party in the relationship?
  • Are you marrying later in life and consequently have savings, pensions or investments that you acquired sometime before you and your intended met?
  • Have you been married before and do you have assets arising from that separation which you wish to protect in the event of separation?
  • Have you children from a previous relationship whose financial future you wish to secure?
  • Have you received, or might you receive, an interest in a Trust or inheritance that if you and your intended were to separate, you/your family would feel unhappy about sharing with them?
  • Do you own an interest in a business which you would be reticent to share with your spouse should you separate?

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