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Driving Offences

Our road traffic offence solicitors have extensive experience in successfully defending clients facing penalty points, driving bans, large fines and possible imprisonment. If you have been accused of a driving offence, such as, drink driving, speeding, careless driving, dangerous driving or driving without insurance our dedicated solicitors can help you.

For most prosecutions for road traffic offences we are able to offer a range of fixed fees to advise and/or represent you at court:  

 Initial telephone advice FREE
 Detailed advice on consideration of the circumstances
 Half-hour appointment at our offices, or by telephone or email
from £150
 Letter of mitigation
 Letter to the court to assist with sentencing
 from £150
 Sentencing hearing from £750
 Trial from £1,500
 Appeals against sentence from £1,500
 Appeals against conviction from £1,750

The above fees are indicative of the fixed fee we would offer where you are being prosecuted in Kent for a single alleged summary offence (i.e. one that can only be tried in a magistrates court e.g. speeding, driving without due care and attention, failing to provide details, driving without insurance or otherwise than in accordance with licence, straightforward allegations of drink driving/failing to provide a specimen of breath).   A higher fixed fee may be offered depending on the number and nature of the charges and court location.  In some cases, at our absolute discretion, we may not be able to offer a fixed fee option at all.

Any fixed fee agreed is payable in advance and would cover representation at the hearing together with such preparation as we consider necessary and reasonable and immediate advice thereafter.  
It would not cover:

  • other work you instruct us to carry out, such as attendance at further hearings (e.g. to enter pleas, for case management, or where a hearing is adjourned);
  • disbursements, such as our reasonable travel costs or fees charged where medical records or expert reports are obtained.

Any additional costs/disbursements to be incurred (other than travel costs) would be agreed with you in advance and funds requested on account.

All work would be carried out subject to our terms and conditions.

If you would like to speak to a solicitor on the telephone for free initial advice, please contact Tim Ryan, on 01732 375 395 or email [email protected], leaving your name and a contact telephone number and he will call you back.