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Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is regarded by client's who use the process, as a hidden gem. This option provides couples with a way to solve the problems they will face on divorce, without the threat of Court proceedings.

This process involves the couple and their specially trained solicitors working together as a team. Each spouse will choose their own qualified solicitor, who will engage with them in a series of meetings. The aim is to work together to find a solution to the issues for the benefit of the family as a whole, not just one party.

The Collaborative process is regarded by most couples, particularly those with children, as the ideal way to divorce. It is designed to minimise the hurt, loss of self-esteem, anger and alienation that can arise on family breakdown. The bedrock of the process is trust and every aspect of the Collaborative process is intended to foster respect, and maintain communication for the sake of all concerned. This is done in a conciliatory and dignified manner.

“Being face to face with someone and actually being able to talk things through is not only civilised but more effective and easier on everyone’s mental health. It is so easy to get whipped up by friends, colleagues and even solicitors if you are not talking to each other”

Unlike Mediation, within the Collaborative practice, you will receive legal advice during the meetings. This will be given to each party in front of one another and their lawyer, as the process goes along which avoids the ability to game play or adopt tactics.

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Collaborative lawyers and their clients will sign an agreement at the outset setting out the commitments of all participants to the process, primarily recording their desire to find the best solution for the whole family by agreement, rather than through conflict or litigation.

It is probably best summed up as ‘communication not confrontation’

This is so much better than anything our friends who have divorced in the traditional way have experienced

It really was by far the best thing we could have done. I would have been more damaged without it.

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