Celebrating 10 years at Bank House

We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary of being in Bank House. In 2007 we moved a few doors down the road from 180 High Street to Bank House in Bank Street.

Bank House has a fascinating history; it was originally built as a Poor House in the 1720s. It served to support the poor for over a century with pauper women sitting outside producing flax thread on spinning wheels and pauper men working inside. A Parliamentary report in 1777 recorded Tonbridge Workhouse as providing for up to 130 inmates.

In the 1830s the building was adapted for use by the National Society for Educating Children and it remained a school until the 1960s. In fact our very own Mayor attended school here. In 1964 Woodlands Junior School opened and all the children transferred there. In 1966, the old school was closed and, in the early 1980s, it was refurbished and converted to office use, while keeping its external appearance.

Historical information from Tonbridge Historical Society

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