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Firearms Licensing

We regularly act for estates, shoots and individuals over alleged firearms-related offences, as well as for individuals in licensing appeals.

Latest news

  • Firearms Licensing: Targeting the Risk “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, when, seventy-five years ago, the brave airmen of the Royal Air Force defended our skies against the German Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain...
  • Guide on Firearms Licensing Law In October 2013, the Home Office published a “Guide on Firearms Licensing Law”. It is a substantial document, over 250 pages, containing comprehensive guidance on the complex law and procedures that apply. It replaces, “Firearms Law: Guidance to the Police”...
  • Travelling with your gun – What you need to know I was recently asked to advise an estate where gamekeepers’ vehicles were being routinely pulled over by the police at the roadside and searched, for no apparent reason other than that, some months before, a dead buzzard had been found in the area and the opinion of the Wildlife Crime Officer that “all gamekeepers are at it”. Not surprisingly, my client took exception to this...