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Commercial Property

Outstanding contributions needed more than ever in uncertain times
Warners is delighted to be sponsoring the Outstanding Contribution to Farming Award at the Food and Farming Industry Awards. Our association with this magnificent gala event taking place at the House of Commons...

Commercial Property Guide for Business Tenants
Highlighting options and considerations of licences, leases and property regulations

Commercial Property Guide (Landlords)
Important issues for landlords of business premises

Farm Business Tenancies
Farm Business Tenancies Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995

Commercial Property Sale
Information on the sale of a commercial property

Commercial Property Purchase
Information on the purchase of a commercial property

Duties and Obligations to the disabled
Duties & Obligations to the Disabled for Landlords, Service Providers & Employers

Your neighbours land
A summary of The Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992

Assured Shorthold Tenancies
Advice on Assured Shorthold Tenancies

Contaminated Land
Highlighting the need to discover the past use of land before buying or renting

Joint Ownership of Commercial Property
Advice on the different types of joint ownership of a commercial property

Company Commercial

Tips - Starting Your Own Business

Why and how do I register a Trade Mark?
The benefits of registering a trade mark and the general procedures involved.

Protecting Intellectual Property
The importance of protecting intellectual property rights

Business Structures
Types of business structures

Security and Finance
Raising new funds - debt or equity?

Trading Agreements
Outlining the main types of trade agreements.

Buying and Selling a Business
An introduction to buying and selling businesses


Employment Law Update June 2013

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Distance Selling

General News

Terms of Business

List of Members 2017

Warners Rural Briefing Autumn 2015

Warners Rural Briefing Spring 2015

Warners Rural Briefing Autumn 2014


Warners Rural Briefing Autumn 2013

Warners Rural Briefing Spring 2013

Warners Rural Briefing Autumn 2012

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Helping Individuals Brochure

Helping Businesses Brochure

Individual Services

Litigation - Important Information
Litigation - Important Information


Employment Disputes
Employment Disputes

Property Caretakers’ Employment Rights Upheld
In a case that involved analysis of the level of control necessary to create an employment relationship, caretakers who were given a largely free hand in tending a farming estate on behalf of a Panamanian company...

Age Discrimination
Advice on age discrimination and retirement procedures

Probate & Estates

Probate and Estates
Advice on the first steps after a death

Property Dispute Resolution

Japanese Knotweed - A guide for landowners & developers

Relationships & Family

Child Support Calculation
How to calculate child support

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Do you need a Consent Order

Divorce - The Options
Process options for resolving financial aspects of marriage breakdown

Divorce Procedure Flowchart
This leaflet explains how a divorce progresses from issue to conclusion at decree absolute

Financial proceedings flow chart

Marriage or Relationships Breakdown
Advice on marriage and relationship breakdowns

The Legal Aspects of Living together
Advice on the legal aspects of living together

Harrassment and Domestic Violence
Advice on harrassment and domestic violence

How Divorce works
A summary of what is involved with divorce proceedings

Divorce and Your Will
Advice regarding divorce and your Will

Collaborative Law
Advice on Collaborative Family Law

Residential Property

CQS Client Charter

Selling Your Home
Advice on selling your home

Buying Your Home
Advice on buying your home

Residential Conveyancing
Advice on residential conveyancing

House Purchase through Shared Ownership
Advice on house purchase through shared ownership

Contaminated Land
Advice on contaminated land

Individual Rights of Leaseholders
Advice on the individual rights of Leaseholders

Collective Rights of Leasholders
Advice on the collective rights of leaseholders

Buying a property with someone else
Outlining the different ways people are able to buy a property together

Tax Planning

Income Tax & Capital Gains Tax
Information on the services available regarding Income & Capital Gains Tax


Advice on how and why you should make a Trust

Trustees Powers and Duties
Outlining the different powers and duties trustees have

Lasting Powers of Attorney
Advice and guidance on Lasting Powers of Attorney


Will Questionnaire
To help you think about everything you will need to consider when preparing a Will we have put together this Will Questionnaire.

Elderly Client Services
Details of advice and services we offer to our elderly clients.

Making a Will
Advice on making and updating your Will

Inheritance Tax Planning
Advice on how to plan for Inheritance Tax


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