Insight one – Interview with Xperisoft

By Kevin Sullivan Wed 20 Feb, 2019

SouthTech Interview

Arguably it’s a modern day version of ‘from little acorns mighty oaks grow’. Software developer XperiSoft came out from what was “basically a whiteboard session” – an idea that survived when others were metaphorically wiped away.

Entrepreneur Stuart Haddow saw the potential to take it further, and subsequently what was developed from that session in 2010 is now a fully-fledged software business in the recruitment sector.

Haddow, who had been a director of several financial software companies, admits that initially though, he just saw it as “another project,” but the more he looked at it, the more the market possibilities intrigued him.

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This interview is part of a major report, SouthTech, looking at companies with market leadership credentials as well as those with the ability to achieve that position and provide a barometer.

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