Commercial property: Ensuring your headquarters are safe

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Safety Measures

Risk Assessment

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Whether you own or rent the property, your business headquarters are probably the hub of your business operations.  The chances are, you have put a huge amount of thought and money into choosing commercial premises and furnishing it so that it best suits your business needs, so you need to consider how you can protect your property.

Commercial property law

A major focus today is protecting businesses from cybercrime and technology breaches, but if you lose your property to arson, accident or act of God, the loss of your headquarters could be commercially disastrous. Even if the building itself suffers little damage after a burglary but you lose valuable contents, the financial and reputational loss to your business could be serious. The fact is, data can often be recovered – but physical assets and documents may be lost forever. 

So how can you best protect your business headquarters and minimise the risk of serious commercial loss?

Consider the advantages of a paperless office.  By embracing the right cloud technology, for instance, you can replace paper documents with digital versions which can be stored in the cloud. The absence of visible paperwork can be a strong deterrent to burglars;


What you should do now

Think about how you can best review your security arrangements and the risks to your headquarters.  You should then be able to address those risks effectively so that you can concentrate on running the business itself.  However, you must resist complacency by factoring in the need for periodic risk assessments and up-to-date staff training.

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