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Civil Partnership Dissolution

Same sex couples have been able to register as Civil Partners since December 2005 and from 29 March 2014 same sex marriages have been capable of legal solemnisation.

The dissolution process of a civil partnership is exactly the same process as set out above for heterosexual couples. The Court is required to find that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. The facts relied upon are the same as mentioned above, save for the omission of the fact of adultery.

The marriage must have endured for at least a year before one of the parties is able to ask for it to be dissolved. The financial aspects of dissolution are also the same as set out above.

There are, however, many other issues concerning children that same sex couples will need to consider on marriage breakdown. Specialised legal knowledge is required to advise on these issues, particularly in relation to the complex areas of biological/non-biological children and associated parental rights.

If you would like to talk about these issues with one of our specialist team, please contact us on 01732 747900. We are based in Sevenoaks, Kent but are happy to offer advice by phone/email or, to meet with you in our Tonbridge office if it is more convenient for you.

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