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Mediation (with a neutral professional)

Mediation helps couples work through their issues together. It is not an opportunity to try and fix the problems in your marriage, nor does it provide you with a forum to determine the reasons for your relationship breakdown. The purpose of mediation is to provide couples with a safe environment to meet together with a professional neutral, who is trained to assist couples in arriving at a direct agreement in respect of issues arising their separation. Mediators are neutral and do not take sides. They are not advisors and will not give advice, this is the role of a solicitor. They will usually recommend that you obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process. Mediators will provide couples with broadly based legal information.

Once a couple have agreed the issues that have been discussed, the mediator will prepare a summary of the terms agreed and an open summary of the financial information that has been provided to them. These documents will be sent to the couple and their respective solicitors, so legal advice can then be obtained. After advice has been given, if the couple remain content to continue with the agreement, the solicitors will liaise to convert the summary into a legally binding document.

If you are interested in using the Mediation process, we will discuss what this entails in further detail with you and will also assess with you, depending on your specific circumstances, whether this is a suitable process to resolve the issues you are facing and its associated costs.

Please note that mediation is not the option for you if you and your spouse have agreed the issues arising from your separation. If you have agreed and are unsure which option you should pursue, please telephone us to discuss.

If you would like to talk about any of these issues with one of our specialist team, please contact us on 01732 747900. Whilst we are based in Sevenoaks, Kent we are also happy to offer advice by phone/email or, can meet with you in our Tonbridge office if it is more convenient for you.

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