Mediation is not an opportunity to try and fix the problems in your marriage, nor does it provide you with a forum to determine the reasons for your relationship breakdown. The purpose of mediation is to provide couples with a safe environment to meet together, with a neutral professional, to resolve issues arising from their separation.

Mediators do not take sides, they are neutral. They are not advisors so will not give advice, which is the role of your solicitor. They will usually recommend that you obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process. Mediators will provide couples with broadly based legal information.

Once a couple have agreed the issues, the mediator will prepare a summary of the terms agreed and an open summary of any financial information provided to them. These documents will be sent to the couple and their respective solicitors, so legal advice can then be obtained on the fairness of what has been agreed. After legal advice has been given, if the couple remain content to continue with the agreement reached in mediation, the solicitors will liaise to convert the summary into a legally binding document (consent Order).

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