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Service Charges

The law relating to a landlord’s, and indeed a managing agent’s, duty to consult with tenants regarding service charges is extremely stringent and complex. A failure to consult may well result in the service charge being irrecoverable.

If you are a landlord or tenant and have concerns regarding residential or commercial service charges, please contact our specialist team. We can provide you with advice both prior to incurring costs and also subsequently where the costs passed on as part of the service charge are in dispute.

There are also provisions relating to the recovery of service charges and ground rents, and the ability to forfeit a lease or threaten to do so in relation to this; previously a potent weapon in the landlord’s armoury.

If you have any concerns regarding residential or commercial service charges please contact our specialist team of property dispute lawyers who regularly act for both tenants and landlords, in particular we act for a number of clients with large property portfolios.

One noteworthy matter upon which our team advised was in defending a service charge dispute for a large landlord client, resulting in a full day hearing in the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to assess the reasonableness of the service charges.

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