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Nuisance Claims

If someone does something on their land which, for example, affects the enjoyment of your own land or causes physical damage to it, they could be liable in private nuisance. Similarly, you should also be aware of any nuisance emanating from your own land, as you could also find yourself subject to a claim in private nuisance.

There are various forms of nuisance and one of the most common is the encroachment of tree roots from one plot of land to another. In order to claim damages it is generally necessary for the offending owner to have been put on prior notice. Acting swiftly and providing early notification is therefore vital in such instances.

Other forms of nuisance involve smells, noises, and the escape of non-natural substances from land. There is also an emerging area of pernicious weeds such as Japanese Knotweed which can become an extremely costly problem for property owners.

Our lawyers have particular experience conducting multiple nuisance claims and have strong links with experts in this field.

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