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Conveyancing Remedies

What happens if on the day you expect to move into your new property or from your existing property, the buying or selling party defaults? There are various remedies and penalties available in these circumstances and we have specialist knowledge in this complex area of law. We also work closely with our strong commercial and residential property teams in relation to this and advise their clients regularly.

There might also be circumstances in which you have recently purchased a property and have now discovered certain problems with it, of which you suspect the sellers did not inform you during the sale process. This is also something upon which we can advise.

A recent example of our work includes acting for the sellers of a million pound house who were sued by their purchasers for misrepresentation, leading to a trial which received widespread national press coverage.

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Latest news

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  • Offer to Help Leads to Duty of Care In general, a landowner does not owe a duty of care to people who voluntarily take risks while on the landowner's property. However, a recent case in the Court of Appeal has illustrated that this may not be the...
  • Negligent Survey Brings Loss Claim A firm of surveyors which carried out valuations that overstated the value of three properties found itself defending an action for negligence recently. The surveyors had issued valuations on which a mortgage...