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Contract/IT disputes

We are all too aware that contractual disputes occur in all walks of life and can even arise when you have the most carefully drafted agreements.

Our team has extensive experience handling all manner of contractual disputes between both commercial organisations and private individuals, including disputes concerning share sale agreements, to disputes over the sale and supply of goods and services.

We know that contractual disputes can result in financial loss, a waste of management time, and, perhaps more crucially, a loss of customer/supplier goodwill to your business. In light of this, we always endeavour to resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a view to achieving the most suitable outcome for you or your business.

In today’s ever changing world of information technology, contracts for the provision of computer systems, including hardware and software, are common. If the system fails to meet your specification your business could suffer as a result. We are also able to advise in relation to any IT disputes you may have.

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Recent examples of work done:

  • Acting for a wholesale meat supplier in dispute with one of its customers, resulting in a six day trial in London.

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