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Commercial Law

Our commercial solicitors based at Tonbridge and Sevenoaks offer a full range of commercial law services to suit the needs of your business.

Every business is different and will require tailored documentation to govern its trading relationships.

Although a number of transactions, particularly low value trading relationships, can take place and proceed on standard terms of business without recourse to detailed documentation, some transactions will be more complex and will invariably benefit from or require carefully drafted commercial contracts specific for the purpose. Commercial contracts are, indeed, the cornerstone of business.

Our specialist commercial solicitors have advised a broad and varied range of clients on all aspects of commercial law and can assist in all of the following areas:

  • agency, distribution and franchise arrangements
  • consumer contracts
  • terms of business
  • long term supply agreements
  • joint ventures
  • outsourcing
  • eCommerce on Internet / website / online terms and conditions

Our commercial practice area is related to our specialist Technology, Media & Telecommunications and Intellectual Property practice areas, which naturally fall within the ambit of commercial work.

For more information on trading agreements, please see our leaflet

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