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Legal advice worldwide through ABL

24 February 2009

ABL Team Mark Rosser and Angela Rowe look at the benefits of The Alliance of Business Lawyers Legal Network.

Increasingly, we find Warners clients are looking to invest in businesses and property abroad, often to take advantage of tax friendly regimes and incentives offered by other countries. As a result, clients need reliable, proactive advice from lawyers and tax advisors who are qualified to advise in different jurisdictions.

Warners recognised some years ago that our clients who need international advice are likely to want to instruct legal firms with a similar outlook to Warners, where clients can be assured of receiving the same quality of advice, clear forward legal thinking and partner contact that is Warners trade mark.

We asked Mark Rosser, a founding member of ABL to give us some background information on this unique approach to international law.

How did Warners become involved with ABL?

A few law firms including Warners were introduced to our sister network of accountants, Integra International, by some mutual contacts with the view to developing an international network of lawyers to complement Integra. This was back in the late 90s and although our initial development was slow, we gained considerable momentum in 2000 when we merged with another legal network and started using our current name, the Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL).

How big is the network now?

We have made considerable strides in the last five years and now have comprehensive coverage in Europe with members in most European jurisdictions. We also have members in the US, Canada and Brazil, and going eastwards, in Malta, Libya and Vietnam. In all we now have over 30 member firms worldwide.

What do you consider are the benefits of your membership both from your firm’s and your clients’ point of view?

For our clients who have any international business that requires legal assistance in other jurisdictions we can recommend firms all of which have been vetted by our membership committee prior to acceptance into the network, and we will more often than not know the individual lawyers who will be involved in the particular transaction. In addition, if taxation or accounting advice is also required our sister network Integra International will normally be able to provide the necessary expertise in the particular jurisdiction.

As far as Warners is concerned, membership raises our profile in the business and professional community and we receive good quality work referred to us by other members who themselves have clients wishing to do business in the UK.

What projects is the network currently working on?

We are seeking to expand our membership in a number of areas, in particular, India which we see as a very important marketplace, China and both North and South America. We are also working on a number of joint initiatives with Integra in relation to specific areas of expertise including corporate finance, insolvency and business recovery, tax and EC law.

Can you give some examples of the network in action?

We recently advised clients of one of our Spanish members based in Barcelona involving the purchase of a steel supply company near Birmingham. We have also acted for clients of one of our German members in relation to a probate matter involving beneficiaries from a number of different jurisdictions in respect of a disputed will.

Where next for ABL?

As the world shrinks, we see the necessity for ABL and its members’ clients to be represented worldwide. That is why we are striving for even greater coverage than we have currently, so that further expansion of the network giving comprehensive global representation in all major jurisdictions is our primary aim.  

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