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Nice Cup of Tea Helps to Heal Long-Standing Family Rift
23 Apr 2014
A family judge has hailed the miraculous benefits of sitting down to a 'nice cup of tea' after this played a central role in healing a bitter ten-year rift between parents of twin boys and enabled them to agree a shared residency...

Incorrect Planning Permission Claim Not Actionable, Rules Court
22 Apr 2014
You would think that where you enter into a contract to buy a property because you have relied on a statement or statements made by the vendor that turn out to be incorrect, you would have a very good case for...

Dismissal for Long-Term Sickness Absence – The Correct Approach
22 Apr 2014
In BS v Dundee City Council, the Scottish Court of Session considered the factors to be taken into account when deciding whether or not an employee's dismissal on the ground of ill health is fair. The 55-year-old appellant was...

Discount Offers Should Be Treated With Caution
22 Apr 2014
Discounted prices seem to be everywhere these days, but recent decisions of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) show that sales promotions need to be treated with caution. A series of decisions recently saw shirt seller TM Lewin & Sons Limited and Virgin Media...

Refusal to Pay Arbitrator Did Not Repudiate Contract
21 Apr 2014
Not every breach of contract will be treated as 'repudiatory' – the legal term for a breach in which one side has refused to perform its side of the contract. Recently, the High Court ruled that one party's refusal to pay an...

Deadlock Forces Sale When Family Inherits Business
21 Apr 2014
When a family business is handed down and ownership is split between two or more members of the next generation, the result can all too often be discord. Normally, this can be resolved by one party buying out the other, but when this does not occur, the result can be a disaster, as a recent case shows.

Couple Win Tax Claim Over Property Occupied Rent Free by Mother
20 Apr 2014
Being able one day to pass on one's property to one's children is a common wish for many parents, but the need to have a suitable place to live as one gets older is also an important consideration. It is not uncommon...

Tenant's Fixtures Must Remain Until Lease Ends
19 Apr 2014
Often, it takes a dispute over something that is worth a lot of money to produce a judgment that clarifies the law. A recent case, involving a disagreement over a lease that required the tenant to build and maintain...

Construction Company Fined After Worker's Lift Shaft Fall
18 Apr 2014
A Belfast-based construction company has been fined after a lift engineer was severely injured when he fell down a lift shaft that was under construction. Terry Moore, 51, was working on the uppermost floor of a new...

Court Underlines Duty of Candour in Contract Negotiations
17 Apr 2014
A lack of candour in contractual negotiations can lead to grave financial consequences, as was shown when an event management company that lost its only customer four months after signing a new five-year...

IoD Goes to College to Learn About Business
17 Apr 2014
Delegates from the IoD went back to College for a visit and tour of Hadlow Dairy, a working farm which is part of Hadlow College.

Social Media Seminar
17 Apr 2014
Are you concerned about the problems that may arise from using Social Media in your business? Does your company have a Social Media Policy and do you need one? Our speakers Karen Cole, Associate Solicitor at Warners Solicitors and Zoe Cairns, a Social Media Consultant at ZC Social Media will answer these questions and look at ways to help you avoid the pitfalls you may encounter when using social media in your business.

Distance No Obstacle to English Divorce Courts
16 Apr 2014
The judge came down hard on a Singapore-based businessman who first told his ex-wife that she was entitled to more than €2 million from the sale of company shares – before seeking to reduce that figure a few months...

Cost Effective Alternatives to Court Battles on Divorce
16 Apr 2014
On meeting a new client for the first time, one of their key questions is how much is the divorce likely to cost? Most clients know of a family member or friend who has been through a messy and expensive divorce and are terrified of racking up huge legal bills...

Changes to Pensions Auto-enrolment
15 Apr 2014
In response to feedback from employers already subject to the requirement to automatically enrol certain workers into a pension scheme, in May 2013 the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) carried out a consultation...

Theatre Director Strikes Legal Blow for the Elderly
14 Apr 2014
A globe-trotting theatre director who fought a marathon legal campaign to save the value of her beloved childhood home from being eaten away by her mother's care home costs has triumphed in a High Court test case...

Relief as Landlords Can Again Look to Administrators for Rent
13 Apr 2014
When a company enters administration, the expenses it has incurred prior to the administration have a different status from the expenses incurred by the administrators. These latter expenses are in effect preferential...

Valid 'Pre-Nup' Scuppers Claim By Ex-Wife
12 Apr 2014
Following recent reports that pre-nuptial agreements are soon to be given legislative support comes a case in which the current attitude of the courts towards 'pre-nups' has been made clear. It involved a wealthy couple...

Annual Inflation-Linked Changes in Tribunal Awards
11 Apr 2014
Traditionally, annual inflation-linked increases or decreases in limits on the compensation amounts which can be awarded by employment tribunals came into effect on 1 February each year. However, Section 22 of the...

Criminal Injustice
11 Apr 2014
On Friday 7 March 2014, solicitors and barristers united in opposition to further legal aid cuts which, on any view, are savage. Hundreds gathered outside Parliament and thousands more boycotted courts, to draw attention to what they believe is a ruthless and systematic...

Moor is Less Than Possession
10 Apr 2014
Boats moored on rivers have been at the centre of more than their fair share of disputes over the years. In a recent case, the High Court was asked to rule on whether 'mooring roots' used to moor barges on the riverbed...

Relying On an Expert Not Enough
10 Apr 2014
When a couple entered into an artificial tax-saving scheme which subsequently failed, they placed the blame firmly at the door of the Isle of Man tax consultancy that had advised them. The scheme involved the purchase...

Large Damages Claims – Tax Exemption Withdrawn
09 Apr 2014
Damages paid for loss of income are taxable but, by concession, most damages paid as a capital sum for not taking court action have been exempt from taxation to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). If the damages paid can be linked...

Warners Solicitors secures Law Society's new quality mark
09 Apr 2014
Warners Solicitors in Tonbridge and Sevenoaks has been one of the first firms in the country to secure membership to the Law Society's Wills & Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS). Warners Solicitors underwent...

Shared Parental Leave Reforms – Update
08 Apr 2014
Changes to the way parents can share maternity leave form part of the Children and Families Act 2014. Details as to how the proposed new system will work in practice are set out in draft legislation on which the Government...