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First meeting with your divorce lawyer
05 May 2016
Before meeting your divorce lawyer for the first time, you may be anxious about what to expect. Charles Tennant, family law solicitor and divorce law specialist at Warners in Sevenoaks, explains what will happen at the first meeting and some of the information you may want to take with you.

New stamp duty rules explained
25 Apr 2016
The changes to the stamp duty rules for additional properties have finally been confirmed by the government with some modifications in response to previous criticisms. Although the intention of the policy is to reduce distortion of the housing market, some of the new rules may create problems for ordinary home buyers...

Business risk – include making a power of attorney
18 Apr 2016
As a business owner or director, you wear many hats and separating work-life from home-life can be an important part of switching off. However, have you ever considered what would happen to your business if you became incapable of making important day to day decisions? And how this might impact upon your family?

Five things to consider when buying a new build home
12 Apr 2016
With the government pledging to build one million homes over the next five years, more of us look set to buy a brand new home in the future. Matthew Sabine residential property expert with Warners in Tonbridge offers some advice for you if you are thinking about buying a new build property...

How to protect your children’s inheritance
06 Apr 2016
As we live longer, more adults are marrying a second or third time. Divorce among the over-60s, otherwise known as silver splitters, has risen by a third in the past decade. While most adult children are happy that their parents have companionship in old age, they may have worries over inheritance...

Help Buying your First Home
23 Mar 2016
As property prices begin to rise, finding an affordable home can be a struggle, particularly if you are a first-time buyer. Jane Bohill, residential property lawyer at Warners Solicitors in Sevenoaks looks at some of the financial schemes available to help first-time buyers get their feet onto the first rung of the property ladder...

Negotiating Rent Reviews
22 Mar 2016
When negotiating the terms of your lease for commercial premises, agreeing the rent payable will be a prime concern, but so too should be the prospect of agreeing the rent review provisions, even though this may be a long way off...

Performance Management
16 Mar 2016
Getting the best out of employees is one of the biggest challenges faced by managers. Karen Cole, employment law specialist at Warners Solicitors in Tonbridge, looks at what managers can do to manage performance and, if necessary, how to dismiss an underperforming employee..

Deciding to be Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common?
03 Mar 2016
If you are buying a house, choosing whether to be joint tenants or tenants in common is a key decision. we look at the advantages, disadvantages and key considerations...

New Rules for Evicting Tenants
01 Mar 2016
From 1 October 2015, landlords can end an assured shorthold tenancy by serving notice, without having to show any fault on the part of the tenant, under section 28 of the Housing Act 1988. Robert Twining outlines the changes and warns of new traps for unwary landlords.

Successfully Letting to Students
25 Feb 2016
Demand for more traditional shared student houses remains high, presenting a great opportunity for those with property to let. Angela Robinson advises on the key considerations for successfully letting to students...

Charity of The Year
24 Feb 2016
Warners Solicitors names The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance and The Evelina Children’s Hospital as its Charities of the Year....

How to Reduce your Inheritance Tax Bill
18 Feb 2016
A combination of rising house prices and a freeze on the threshold at which estates pay inheritance tax means that many more households fall into the tax net than was once the case. Ruth Pannell, wills solicitor at Warners in Sevenoaks, advises how, with some simple planning, it is possible to keep your inheritance tax liability to a minimum...

Managing Mental Health Issues at Work
11 Feb 2016
A serious mental health issue will often constitute a disability, whether it is a long-standing problem or something that has been diagnosed recently Karen Cole shares advice for employers on discrimination and how to avoid claims...

Court of Protection - Transparency Pilot
29 Jan 2016
A six month ‘Transparency Pilot’ to allow the public and journalists into Court of Protection hearings is beginning today, 29th January, on the order of Lord Chief Justice Thomas and the President of the Family Division Sir James Munby...

Three New Partners at Leading South East Law Firm
16 Nov 2015
South East based law firm, Warners Solicitors, announces that Philip Raggett has returned to the firm as a partner in its private client team. Philip specialises in tax planning, Wills and trust work. Philip originally joined the firm in 1997...

Firearms Licensing: Targeting the Risk
16 Sep 2015
“Never was so much owed by so many to so few”, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, when, seventy-five years ago, the brave airmen of the Royal Air Force defended our skies against the German Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain...

Guide on Firearms Licensing Law
15 Sep 2015
In October 2013, the Home Office published a “Guide on Firearms Licensing Law”. It is a substantial document, over 250 pages, containing comprehensive guidance on the complex law and procedures that apply. It replaces, “Firearms Law: Guidance to the Police”...

Farmers Beware - The pitfalls of pensions and divorce
19 May 2015
Farmers with pensions invested in their own farming assets should be aware of the devastating impact recent pension rule changes could have on their farm in the event of divorce...

Did you get divorced before 2000 and receive a pension award?
18 May 2015
An unintended consequence of the pension reforms is that any divorcee with a pension earmarking order (regularly used before pension sharing came into force in 2000) may need to act fast to protect their retirement benefits...

Conservative victory offers opportunities to SMEs for M&A
11 May 2015
The Conservative victory bodes well for the M&A industry, given the Tory support for small business and limited appetite for regulation. But in some areas, that of pensions and diverted profit, action might be expected...

SMEs: Scrap exploitative zero-hours contracts
06 May 2015
Kent’s small and medium-sized businesses would rather not employ workers on zero-hours contracts, are confident about their prospects but worry about post-election uncertainty, research by Warners Solicitors has found.

New System of Shared Parental Leave – 2015
05 May 2015
Employers need to be alive to a new system of statutory parental rights which will be applicable to employees and agency workers from January 2015...

Family support and coping with dementia seminar - 18 June 2015
05 May 2015
Recognising that dementia will touch the lives of many people in some shape or form, Warners Solicitors in conjunction with The Good Care Group and Goodman Care Fees Advisers, is hosting a dementia awareness event at Warners’ office in Sevenoaks.

Impact of the General Election on the UK residential property market
01 May 2015
The election results defied pollsters predictions to give the Conservative Party an overall majority. What impact will this have on the UK property market, what will happen to interest rates, Stamp Duty and house prices and what will be the impact on new builds...