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Licence to Confuse
18 Feb 2015
General Licences permit landowners and other authorised users to carry out a range of otherwise illegal activities to control certain wild birds where necessary to prevent serious agricultural damage or disease, preserve...

Crow trap prosecution thrown out for abuse of process
18 Feb 2015
Cage traps are widely used by farmers and gamekeepers, perfectly lawfully, for controlling certain species of wild birds. In England, their use is permitted for certain purposes under General Licences issued annually by Natural England. Failing to comply with the terms and conditions is likely to lead to an offence, conviction for which prevents future use until spent, 5 years in most cases....

An Accident Waiting To Happen?
11 Feb 2015
Accidents and injuries are of course part and parcel of keeping horses and riding them. Most accidents are minor, but some are serious. Suppose you run an equestrian facility, providing lessons and/or horses on which customers...

From “Custody”… to the 21st century
09 Feb 2015
In April 2014, the terms which we use to denote how a child lives with a parent upon a couple’s separation changed. The shift emphasises a departure from the use of the labels such as “Residence” and “contact” all together, and now we speak about the general arrangements...

Dementia Sufferer's Estate Eaten Up By Care Costs
05 Feb 2015
In a cautionary tale for those who care for elderly relatives, the heirs of a dementia sufferer are in danger of losing their inheritance after failing to convince a Land Registry Adjudicator that the value of the man's home should be protected against being eroded...

Divorce can devastate - but it doesn’t have to be that way!
02 Feb 2015
Research has shown that a bad divorce can have a deep and lasting impact on children, begging the question why parents are still not embracing alternative less adversarial options open to them?

Non-guaranteed overtime must be included in holiday pay
02 Feb 2015
A summary of the recent employment law judgment on whether overtime should be included in statutory holiday pay

Local law firm hands out top award at the House of Commons
11 Dec 2014
Warners Solicitors were delighted to sponsor the Personality of the Year Award at this year’s Food and Farming Industry Awards. The Awards, organised by Farm Business were hosted at the House of Commons by Neil Parish MP....

How to buy a horse
03 Nov 2014
Buying horses can be a fraught process unless you know what you’re doing. Michael McNally from Warners Solicitors explains how to protect yourself against the pitfalls.

Employers must be proactive over reasonable adjustments for disabled employees
28 Oct 2014
Employers should be proactive when deciding what reasonable adjustments to make for disabled employees or disabled candidates for jobs, particularly when they have problems contacting employees who are off work...

UK design law changes come into force
28 Oct 2014
Owners of existing UK and Community designs, and creators of new designs, should note changes to the laws governing UK registered and unregistered designs that came into force on 1 October 2014...

Contract clauses allowing termination at will limits compensation for breach
27 Oct 2014
Parties to contracts that allow termination at will should be aware this may significantly limit the compensation they can recover if there is a breach of the contract, following a High Court ruling...

Company making 'groundless threat' in patent dispute must pay compensation
24 Oct 2014
Companies claiming their intellectual property rights have been infringed should beware what they say to the infringer, or third parties such as customers or distributors, as they may inadvertently make 'groundless' threats and have to pay compensation...

Employer liable for losses caused by unauthorised customer reference
23 Oct 2014
An employer whose employee gave a customer reference without authority to do so has been held liable for losses caused to a third party because it was negligent....

Court's approach to business lease renewal term clarified
22 Oct 2014
Landlords and tenants asking for business lease renewals face more of a balancing exercise by the courts, meaning some tenants may end up with longer terms than they applied for, following a recent ruling...

Long-established contractor can be 'worker' entitled to holiday pay
21 Oct 2014
A business using sub-contractors over many years may find the sub-contractors are 'workers' entitled to holiday pay and other employment law rights...

What to do if your tenant fails to remove its property following expiry/termination of lease
08 Oct 2014
In circumstances where your tenant vacates, whether by way of an agreed surrender or following a possession order being granted, the case of Campbell v Redstone Mortgages Ltd [2014] EWHC 3081 has provided some clarification as to how you should deal with any property your tenant leaves behind.

New System of Shared Parental Leave – 2015
06 Oct 2014
Employers need to be alive to a new system of statutory parental rights which will be applicable to employees and agency workers from January 2015...

Court gives guidance on when expert's valuation is binding
06 Oct 2014
A company that asked an expert to value shares it was buying back from an outgoing director could not automatically set the valuation aside because the expert made mistakes in law, the Court of Appeal has ruled...

Commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR)
03 Oct 2014
Despite coming into force in April this year, there are still some commercial landlords that aren’t aware of the changes relating to the recovery of rent arrears from their tenants...

Patent owners can mark products with web address and safeguard compensation rights
03 Oct 2014
Patent owners can benefit from new rules allowing them to mark their products with a web address of a page giving details of the patent, rather than setting out the details on the product itself.

Thank you
01 Oct 2014
Thank you to everyone who came along to our coffee morning last month. Thanks to your generous support we raised over £920 for Macmillan Cancer Support...

Sewer Worker Fairly Sacked for Health and Safety Breaches
30 Sep 2014
In cases of unfair dismissal, if the Employment Tribunal (ET) accepts that the employee's dismissal took place for one of the potentially fair reasons for dismissal and a fair procedure was followed, the test becomes whether or not the employer's decision...

ICO Issues New 'Must Do' Data Protection Guide
29 Sep 2014
The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has published a new guide to protecting personal data, 'Protecting personal data in online services: learning from the mistakes of others', which it describes as outlining the procedures organisations...

Landmark Rights of Way Victory for Private Landowners
29 Sep 2014
In a decision which represents a landmark victory for private landowners – and a serious blow to open countryside campaigners – the High Court has ruled that 19th Century officials who purported to create public rights of way under an 1801 Act...