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Mediation is a method of resolving issues that exist between separating couples but does not provide a forum for determining the reasons for relationship breakdown or to assist parties to reconcile.

Mediators are trained in assisting couples in dispute resolution. A mediator will meet a couple together, will identify those issues which are not agreed and will assist the parties in trying to reach an agreement. Mediators are neutral and do not take sides. They are not advisors and will not give advice. They will usually recommend that you obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process. Mediators can provide broadly based legal information.

Once a couple have agreed on the issues the mediator prepares a summary of the terms of agreement and a summary of the financial information. These documents are sent to the couple and their lawyers. Once both parties have received legal advice and if they are content to continue with the agreement reached after having done so, the solicitors will convert the summary into a legally binding document to be presented to the Court within divorce proceedings.

We will consider at the outset whether the difficulties you are facing would be better served by attending mediation. We can act as a mediator .If we are unable to act in the capacity of mediator (if we have already provided advice for instance) we will refer you to an accredited mediator in your area.

If you would like to talk about mediation with one of our solicitors, please contact us on 01732 747900. Our divorce solicitors are based in Sevenoaks, Kent, but we will be happy to meet with you in our Tonbridge office if it is more convenient for you

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