International network

Warners is a founder member of an alliance of independent law firms which has been created to meet the increasingly complex and varied needs of clients throughout Europe and the rest of the world. More than just an association providing a directory of foreign law firms, it is a close affiliation of lawyers chosen for their specific knowledge in key subject areas, and is strategically networked in order to respond to the legal challenges of the institutional marketplace.

ABL now consists of over 35 independent law firms in more than 25 jurisdictions, with more than 500 practising lawyers.¬† ABL has strong links with a similar network of accountants – Integra International which have worldwide representation and through this connection and informal links with other professionals ABL is able to be even more effective in meeting clients’ individual needs for legal, accounting, and tax advice.

For further information on ABL and what it can do for you please contact ABL through the website

We have recently sent a delegation to India to identify prospective new members and as a result we now have two firms there that have joined the network who between them cover a number of the major business centres across the Indian continent.