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Landlord and tenant transactions

We can provide advice and support for both Landlords and tenants, we can:

  • Act for landlords in the grant of leases to tenants
  • Act for tenants in the grant of leases from landlords

Latest news

  • Mark Davis - Lawyer Profile Each month we catch up with one of our solicitors and find out a little bit more about them, this month we talk to one of our commercial property experts Mark Davis.
  • Incorrect VAT Costs Barrister Landlord a Bundle VAT is a simple tax in principle, but it has many complexities. One that is frequently encountered by landlords is what the correct VAT treatment should be when services are provided to tenants under their leases. Rent...
  • Landlords’ Rights to Distress to be Limited The ancient, but highly effective, right of ‘distress’ – the process by which a landlord can enter a tenant’s premises and seize goods in order to recover arrears of rent – is to be limited under the new Commercial Rent Arrears...